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Zainab Alkhawaja: The Female Face of the Bahraini Struggle

Zainab Alkhawaja: The Female Face of the Bahraini Struggle

Zainab Alkhawaja  has been hailed the female face of the Bahraini struggle. Zainab was arrested and detained on April 21st 2012 whilst protesting against the country hosting the Formula One.   Via Twitter, @Shehabia told us the charges against Zainab were: inciting hatred against the regime, three assaults on officers and obstructing traffic. Zainab was demanding … Continue reading


Our Other Sisters is an exploration of feminism in the Arab World from the perspective of Western women. The face of feminism is changing, and in this new-age Our Other Sisters provides a platform upon which the under-represented network of Arab Feminists can be understood. Our Other Sisters is an online community which will allow feminists across the globe to relate to and embrace our Arab sisters, and the Women of the Arab Spring. Feminism needs to be a fluid movement to ensure women across the world are united, with similar goals, aims and aspirations. Our Other Sisters seeks to better inform those of a Western Feminist perspective about the struggles of women in the Middle East and its Diaspora.

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