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Mervat Mhani

Mervat Mhani: The Free Generation Movement

Courtesy of AndyCarvin via Creative Commons. He says: I found this Gaddafi rug in a pile of trash inside his former compound in Tripoli, the Bab Al Aziziya. He’s wearing a hand-made pin created by the Free Generation Movement, a civil disobedience group that secretly distributed these buttons all over Tripoli


One of the independent activists of The Free Generation Movement, Mervat Mhani is campaigning for freedom for the people of Libya. As a woman, an activist and a mother of two children, Mervat’s story proves in itself that the future of Libya as a country and as part of the Arab world has a place for women at the forefront.

The Free Generation Movement in Libya describes itself as a free, democratic, forward thinking, law abiding, movement which advocates active resistance for the political and social development of Libya.

Based in Tripoli, the apolitical movement aims to empower women in Libya but advocates participation at all levels.

The next generation

The Movement has recently announced the launch of an English reading and writing class for underprivileged children in Libya as part of a Literacy Campaign. Helping young children, the Free Generation Movement is preparing the next generation to continue Libyan development: education is a priority.

Youtube has been an essential tool which has led to the success and popularity of the movement in Libya and beyond: The Free Generation Movement advocates and promotes the distribution of footage filmed by those on the ground in Libya where TV channels have previously failed to provide a satisfactory account. The Movement is promoting citizen journalism.

Mervat is a key member of The Free Generation Movement. She has recently been appointed as Head of International Relations at the Ministry of Martyrs and the Missing, a Libyan organisation established to facilitate improved levels of communication across the country in the search for missing persons.

The appointment comes in the wake of Mervat’s tireless work on the campaign, founded by The Free Generation Movement. consists of a team of dedicated volunteers that compile photographs and details of all the people who have been reported missing in Libya onto a centralised database. The team provides continued support for friends and family who have lost loved ones throughout the course of the uprisings in Libya this year.

Mervat Mhani will be speaking at the Frontline Club/BBC Arabic event at the Royal College of Surgeons on Friday December 16th 2011 as part of the event Women of the Revolution.


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