Our Other Sisters was founded by Danielle Spears and Hannah Stanton, two young journalists based in London. The idea for the website was born out of the notion that global feminism significantly under-represents Arab women.   Danielle and Hannah are insatiably curious to find out how feminism manifests itself in the Arab world. What is the future for Arab feminists in the current political climate? 2011 has been a turbulent yet empowering year for feminists both living in and with origins in the Middle East. Danielle and Hannah want to discover more about these women of the revolution.

Hannah: I am a 25 year old student living in East London and studying Television Journalism at City University. Feminist minded, I have studied women’s history in both the UK and the US and following my curious nose that has led me to train as a journalist, I am now eager to discover the history of women in the Middle East and their approach to feminism and women’s rights. I like to think of myself as a culture vulture and book worm but I can usually be found drinking tea and making mess, neither reading nor acting in a cultured manner.

Danielle: I am 22 years old and am also studying Television Journalism at City University.  Inspired by feminist authors such as Alice Walker and Nella Larsen, as well as feminist movements during the twentieth century, I hope that Our Other Sisters can break down cultural stereotypes and existing negative perceptions about ‘feminism.’ I have a great interest in the Middle East. I am very restless and love dancing and reading.

Choosing ‘Arab’
When Our Other Sisters began, we discussed at length what angle our approach to the topic was going to be.  We decided upon ‘Arab’ as it is an identity that is defined independently of religion. We also didn’t want to reduce the topic to an individual country and we believed that in using the term ‘Arab’ we would be able to encompass all women who  consider themselves part of the Arab pan ethnicity, including those who are living in the West.  Perhaps our use of the term ‘Arab feminism’ overlooks the diversity that exists within the categorised ‘Arab World’ but our aim is to uncover certain truths and realities, and deal with Arab feminism as it is identified.

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