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Zainab Alkhawaja: The Female Face of the Bahraini Struggle

Zainab Alkhawaja  has been hailed the female face of the Bahraini struggle. Zainab was arrested and detained on April 21st 2012 whilst protesting against the country hosting the Formula One.   Via Twitter, @Shehabia told us the charges against Zainab were: inciting hatred against the regime, three assaults on officers and obstructing traffic. Zainab was demanding … Continue reading

Global and Historical Feminism: The Hunger Striking Stereotype

The inspirational Palestinian woman Hana Shalabi made global headlines when she began a hunger strike protesting against administrative detention in Israeli prisons. Hana’s hunger strike lasted for 43 days before the Israeli authorities internally exiled her to Gaza. Punished for her non-violent protest, Hana’s hunger strike has galvanised between one thousand four hundred and two … Continue reading

Our Other Sisters meet Shaimaa Khalil

Our Other Sisters visited Shaimaa Khalil, an inspiring Egyptian journalist who works in London at the BBC World Service. We asked Shamiaa about the emergence of feminism in Egypt before and after the revolution. Music courtesy of Home Grown Sounds.

Fawzia Koofi at The Frontline Club

”I’ve come a long way passing many challenges, trials and sorrows along the road. From my humble beginnings as an outspoken female child in a misogynist society that did not value the female voice, to a voice for the vulnerable, defenseless and victimized community of women in Afghanistan today. My struggle began the day I … Continue reading

The Biggest Outrage: Lack of female representation in Western Government

Having looked at the state of women in politics in 1996, Our Other Sisters have used the data collected in the Google Fusion Table intensity maps to determine what progress, if any, women have made in their quest to get their voices heard and represent the people of their respective countries in politics today. The … Continue reading

Patriarchal West: Less Women in Major’s UK Government than in Tunisia (1996)

Using the data collected by the UN Women Watch in 1996 and presented on Our Other Sisters we can draw several conclusions. In particular, in the mid-1990s the Tunisian government had more women in subministerial roles in government than the United Kingdom under John Major’s Conservative Government. Before we look into the finer details of … Continue reading