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Fawzia Koofi at The Frontline Club

”I’ve come a long way passing many challenges, trials and sorrows along the road. From my humble beginnings as an outspoken female child in a misogynist society that did not value the female voice, to a voice for the vulnerable, defenseless and victimized community of women in Afghanistan today. My struggle began the day I … Continue reading

The Role of Women in the Arab Spring

Our Other Sisters attended ‘The Role of Women in the Arab Spring’ discussion at the Guardian’s inaugural Open Weekend. We were honoured to listen to Amel Azzouz, the leading member of the women’s office of the Islamic Party Ennahda in Tunisia; Merhézia Labidi, vice chair of the National Founding Assembly in Tunisia; and Parisian-born journalist … Continue reading

Fertile Memory

Our Other Sisters attended Hackney Palestinian Solidarity Campaign’s screening of Michel Khleifi’s Fertile Memory (Al Dhakira al Khasba). An engrossing feature film documenting the lives of two empowered Palestinian women living in the 1980s, Fertile Memory is increasingly plaintive in a 21st century context, in which revolution, identity and the daily struggle of women in … Continue reading

Passport to Palestine

Laila Shawa: Stamp For a Lost Country La Scatola Gallery, London 22 November 2011 until 3 December 2011 Our Other Sisters went along to ‘PASSPORT TO PALESTINE’, which was a group exhibition with artists Fawzy Emrany, Jane Frere, Hazem Harb, Khaled Jarrar, Yazan Khalili, Steve Sabella, Laila Shawa Taking its title from the celebrated 1949 … Continue reading

Women of the Revolution

Frontline Club: Women of the Revolution In association with BBC Arabic Friday 16th December 2011, Royal College of Surgeons, London A Women’s Revolution “A year ago I wasn’t an activist, I was just a mother” said Mervat Mhani, a co-founder of the Free Generation Movement in Libya. “Well, that’s what happens when you have a … Continue reading