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Zainab Alkhawaja: The Female Face of the Bahraini Struggle

Zainab Alkhawaja  has been hailed the female face of the Bahraini struggle. Zainab was arrested and detained on April 21st 2012 whilst protesting against the country hosting the Formula One.   Via Twitter, @Shehabia told us the charges against Zainab were: inciting hatred against the regime, three assaults on officers and obstructing traffic. Zainab was demanding … Continue reading

Global and Historical Feminism: The Hunger Striking Stereotype

The inspirational Palestinian woman Hana Shalabi made global headlines when she began a hunger strike protesting against administrative detention in Israeli prisons. Hana’s hunger strike lasted for 43 days before the Israeli authorities internally exiled her to Gaza. Punished for her non-violent protest, Hana’s hunger strike has galvanised between one thousand four hundred and two … Continue reading

Why are women afraid to embrace feminism?

I was lucky enough to hear Fawzia Koofi talk the other night; she addressed a room full of western journalist’s in an eloquent and confident manner, her Middle Eastern accent thick and heavy but her English impeccable.  She sat perched at the front on the room on a raised stage, with a black velvet suit and … Continue reading

Occupy Afghanistan: What Women Want?

Our Other Sisters has great sympathy with the families of the six British soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan last Wednesday.  Many news agencies in Britain led with the headline last week that the tragedy marked the biggest loss of life since 2006 in the country. However, this fails to recognise the number of Afghan … Continue reading

Yemen: Closing the Gender Gap

An Annual report commissioned by The World Economic Forum has revealed that Yemen is ranked lowest for gender performance. The Global Gender Gap Report places Yemen in 130th place, which is bottom of the list, with Nordic countries coming out on top. Our Other Sisters want to know what action Yemen is taking to close … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: Turning a corner

Manal al Sharif, a single mother from Saudi Arabia, is suing traffic police for rejecting her driving license application and ignoring her subsequent complaints to authorities. Founder of the Women2Drive campaign, Al Sharif’s struggle began when she was arrested in May 2011 for getting behind the wheel. Her battle for women’s rights to drive and travel … Continue reading